Looking for ideas to keep the kids entertained in the holidays?

Peppa pigTypical, isn’t it? All that glorious warm weather a week ago, and then the Easter holidays start and we’re plunged right back into the depths of winter! Which makes keeping the kids entertained just that little bit more challenging. If you’ve exhausted your repertoire of rainy day activities, and even the kids are getting sick of the sight of the local soft play centre, then it’s time to start thinking up some new fun ideas to keep the kids happy.

One surefire way to keep the children busy for hours, no matter what the weather, is to keep a well stocked dressing up box. Just provide a suitable selection of children’s costumes and fancy dress accessories and then sit back and let their imaginations do the rest. It’s fabulous to see what games they dream up and what fabulous stories they create. Before you know it you’ll have one in a Wonder Woman costume and another dressed in Peppa Pig Fancy Dress joining forces to take on the nefarious Darth Vader. And best of all, you’ll be getting some well deserved respite from that dreaded cry we Mums all loathe: “I’m booooored!”

With the fabulously low online prices here at Party Domain, you can easily put together a bumper fancy dress box without breaking the bank. Just take a look at our extensive range of quality Children’s Fancy Dress for some excellent ideas and inspiration.

By Jennie Humes