Has Lord Lucan been hiding out in Africa?

Investigator tacheFamous mustachioed fugitive from the law Lord Lucan has been in the news yet again this week, despite apparently disappearing off the face of the earth back in November 1974 just hours after his children’s nanny was discovered brutally murdered.

A former personal assistant to John Aspinall, long-time friend and gambling associate of Lucan, claims that her former employer arranged for Lucan’s three children to pay a visit to Kenya in the early 80s in order that the alleged murdered could observe his offspring from a distance and see how they were developing.

Lucan’s son George remembers the trip he took with his two sisters to Africa, but insists that as far as he’s aware, he hasn’t seen his father since 1974. Too add weight to the Africa theory, some new eyewitnesses have recently come forward suggesting that they spotted the elusive Lord in hotel bars in Zimbabwe and Botswana as recently as 12 years ago. Even Lucan’s on brother, Hugh Bingham, is convinced that his fugitive sibling fled to the continent to escape the long arm of the law. The police are said to be examining this new information as efforts continue to solve the mystery of what happened to Lucan.

Images of Lord Lucan taken before his disappearance always depict him with his iconic aristocratic moustache. The new eyewitnesses claim that when they saw him in Africa, he was no longer sporting his famous tache but instead a greying beard. Police have long suspected that he will have removed his facial hair before going on the run in order to disguise himself.

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By Jennie Humes