Lottery Winner will not quit her Job

money bagIt is reported today that Sue Stebbings who is 43 and Mother of two has decided to keep her job after winning £5.6 million on the national lottery. Allegedly Sue Stebbings is going to take a year out from her daytime job working on the tills at Asda but will then return to her £12,000 a year checkout supervisor job. A reporter said “Sue cannot wait to splash out on Holidays, Cars and a Boat.

It is reported that Sue is delighted with the news but is also delighted that she can keep her staff card which entitles her to a 10% discount on anything at the store. Allegedly Husband Richard works as a maintenance worker at Blundeston prison and will also be taking some time out to celebrate.

We think Sue and Richard should really celebrate in style and have a really big celebration with all their family and friends. This Money Bag Accessory would be an ideal Accessory if they have a Fancy Dress Party. There are lots of Fancy Dress Accessories to choose from that Sue and Richard could choose to announce their fantastic news. Here’s wishing them both and enjoyable and happy time spending their reported £5.6 million winnings.

By Adam Gray