May the odds be ever in your favour!

Glamour Auburn/brown wigIf you recognise the above quote then I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re a fellow fan of Suzanne Collins’ amazing Hunger Games book series. The novels are set in the fictional, dystopian society of Panem and follow the story of central character Katniss Everdeen who ends up thrown into a deadly game of survival whilst trying to save the life of her beloved younger sister Prim. If you haven’t read them yet then I’d recommend you remedy that as soon as possible – you’re definitely missing out!

The first instalment of the bestselling Hunger Games trilogy is about to be brought to life on the big screen when the first film hits cinemas in the UK on the 23rd March. Production company Lionsgate Entertainment purchased worldwide distribution rights for the book series back in March 2009, and will be hoping that the stories will translate into a seriously profitable film franchise to rival the likes of the Twilight saga.

I can’t wait to see how the Hollywood costume and set designers will work their movie magic to bring the futuristic story to life. If it proves to be the big hit that movie insiders are predicting, we can be sure that a range of Hunger Games fancy dress merchandise will be sure to follow. In the meantime, you could fashion your own Katniss costume with a light green top, brown khaki trousers and hiking boots. Don’t forget to finish off your costume with a long brown wig which you can then plait to one side, and Katniss’ weapon of choice: an archery set.

By Jennie Humes