Bird Watch Survey

Bird eyemask yellowThis weekend the RSPB, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, are asking thousands of people all over the country to take part in a Big Garden Bird Watch to see how the cold weather has affected the birds in our country. The charity believes that birds will have populated our gardens more and more since the big freeze.

The report I have read this morning states that the RSPB thinks that the cold spells we experienced in early December could have reduced the food sources available to the birds, and therefore they have had to look closer to home in our gardens. The charity are hoping that the study will provide information as to any problem areas for birds, and also hope that the survey will bring the attention to us all that birds still need help with food and water in this cold weather.

So put on your warm clothes this weekend and help out with this great survey. I’m going to get out my Fancy Dress Masks and wear my Bird Eye Mask with Beak, Yellow in honour of the birds, and sit this weekend on my bird watch.

By Alison Greenan