Snow White versus Snow White..

Snow whiteTypical. You wait for years for a new Snow White film, and then two come along at once! In one of those weird twists of fate that are bound to give the Hollywood PR men the heebee jeebies, there are actually no less than two Snow White films due to hit cinemas within the next few months.

The first to grace the big screen is Mirror Mirror, which is scheduled for release at the end of this month. Starring newcomer Lily Collins (daughter of rocker Phil) as Snow White and Julia Roberts as the evil Queen, the movie is described as a lighthearted fantasy action adventure in which an exiled Princess fights to get back her kingdom with the able assistance of seven small but resourceful bandits.

Taking a distinctly darker approach to the story, Snow White and the Huntsman looks to be a fabulously gothic retelling of Grimm’s fairytale. The film, which is scheduled for release on the 1st June, stars Twilight’s Kristen Stewart as a fierce warrior Snow White and Charlize Theron as the fantastically sinister Queen. Rounding of the main cast is Australian actor Liam Hemsworth as the Huntsman, the man ordered by the Queen to kill fair Snow White but who ends up instead training her in combat so that she can take on the evil monarch.

So two very different films indeed but no doubt destined to be pitted against each other in the minds of movie goers. It remains to be seen whether Lily or Kirsten’s Snow White will win the battle of the box office, but one thing that we know for sure here at Party Domain is that Snow White is always a winner when it comes to fancy dress costumes. Little princesses love our Disney Snow White Fancy Dress Costume, available in sizes small (ages 3-4) and medium (ages 5-6) this fabulous quality costume comes in at a very reasonable £17.26.

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By Jennie Humes