If you are heading to Disney, be careful with your fancy dress

Tinkerbell lightupWith a very successful line in fancy dress costumes based on their fabulous film and cartoon characters, one would think that the Disney corporation would wholeheartedly welcome guests who were dressed as their favourite Disney star. However, as one 15 year old visitor to Disney World Florida discovered recently, the Corporation has strict rules on the wearing of adult fancy dress costumes in the park. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time

Snow WhiteAnyone else watching the fab US telly series Once Upon a Time? I am, and am really enjoying it too. I’m just loving the concept of taking traditional fairytale characters and plopping them into modern day, small town America. To make the plot even more twisty turny, almost none of the characters can remember anything about their fairytale alter egos or the storybook land from which they came. Continue reading

There is still time to order your Union Jack Fancy Dress accessories

Bowtie ujI can’t believe how quickly the Diamond Jubilee weekend is coming around now, with just a few days to go until celebrations really kick off. Whether you’ve got a Jubilee street party planned with friends and family, or you’re heading along to one of the organised events, you’ll no doubt be wanting to join in and show your patriotic pride with some festive fancy dress. Continue reading