Masquerade Parties – A Great Form of Fancy Dress

Venetian-MasksSeen as some of the first instances of fancy dress, masquerade balls first came about in the 15th century and were associated with medieval royalty. During the 16th century, they became extremely popular in Venice, with Venetian masks being incorporated into and becoming a central feature of the Venetian Carnival, and this is where most people tend to associate their origins. It wasn’t until the early 18th century, however, that this tradition made its way to the UK, when a semi-public masquerade ball was held at the Haymarket Opera House. Continue reading

Fancy Dress for Every Occasion

Rasta-ImpostaWhile stag and hen night costumes might be common fare these days, one Teesside couple recently went one step further and had a whole fancy dress wedding! The couple chose this unusual theme because they wanted something unconventional but also because they wanted something fun that would make others smile. The fancy dress rule only applied to their guests, and not the bride and groom themselves, meaning that you could still have your traditional wedding photos with the beautiful white dress and top hat and tails if you so wished, but then have a lot of fun taking photos of your wedding guests in their fancy dress costumes at the reception! Continue reading