How to plan a fancy dress party on a budget

There’s nothing quite like a fancy dress party. They’re fun, memorable and give everyone the chance to let their hair down with some over-the-top costumes, being the perfect way to celebrate any occasion imaginable. But what if you’re on a budget? You might think that something so involved will put far too much pressure on the purse strings, but if you go about it the right way you’ll easily be able to plan a party on a budget for a truly fantastic night. Continue reading

Life after Harry Potter: what JK Rowling wrote next..

Child Harry Potter Costume KitIt’s been nearly five years now since the final Harry Potter book was published, drawing to a close a literary phenomenon the likes of which the publishing world has rarely seen. Author J. K. Rowling’s boy wizard captured the hearts and the imaginations of readers young and old all over the world, while the ensuing Pottermania resulted in record global book sales. This incredible success transformed the notoriously publicity shy Rowling into both a household name, and a multi-millionaire. Continue reading

Embrace the sunshine with Hawaiian fancy dress

Who’s enjoying all this lovely spring sunshine? We certainly are, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. After months of cold weather we’re finally starting to see summer break through, and there’s no better way to embrace the warm weather than by throwing a Hawaiian-themed fancy dress party. Don’t believe us? Then just take a look around. Continue reading

Party Domain—for your every fancy dress requirement

A fancy dress party can be the highlight of the year. Get it right and your guests will be talking about it forevermore, extolling the virtues of your hosting skills and telling everyone who’ll listen how much fun they had. It can create memories that will last a lifetime and photos that will be treasured, but if you want to ensure your party has that kind of impact you need to have costumes that are simply top notch—and that’s where we come in. Continue reading

Show your military colours

Planning a fancy dress party is always fun, and if you pick a specific theme it can be even better. There are plenty to choose from depending on your preferences but one that always goes down well is the military look—it can be taken as extreme as you wish, whether you want to opt for a sexy outfit or something more realistic, and with the right costume and accessories you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go. Continue reading