Pirates ahoy

The pirate theme is a fancy dress favourite, and it isn’t hard to see its appeal. It seems that we can’t get enough of the pirate look, thanks in no small part to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and with new flick The Pirates! (a 3D claymation fest from the co-founder of Aardman) setting to grace our screens later this month its popularity is set to continue. It can be perfect theme for any party, giving people the chance to let their imagination run riot to see who can come up with the best costume, and with so many ideas to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice. Continue reading

Get the fancy dress outfits you want without spending a fortune

Parties are always something to look forward to. They can be the highlight of the year and can provide some much-needed fun and relaxation in between all that hard work, and having a set theme can be a great way to bring the whole thing together. As an added bonus choosing those all-important fancy dress outfits can be enormous fun, but unfortunately there’s often something that gets in the way of that enjoyment – your budget. Continue reading

Do redheads feel more pain?

Annie WigAccording to researchers at Southampton University Hospital have embarked on a study to discover whether there’s any truth in the old adage that redheads react differently to pain stimulation. The research is designed to identify whether redheaded people should be treated differently to their blonde and brunette counterparts when it comes to administering medical pain relief. Continue reading