Superman to be a daddy!

Superman Muscle Chest CostumeFormer Superman actor Brandon Routh has announced that he and his wife, actress Courtney Ford, are delighted to be expecting their first child this summer. The couple first met back in 2003 before either of them hit the big time, when Routh was working as a barman at the restaurant where Courtney and her family were having a meal. The actors tied the knot at producer Jon Peters’ beautiful ranch in Santa Barbara in November 2007. Continue reading

Avengers Assemble!

If you’re a fan of Marvel then you’re bound to be keeping up to date with the latest Avengers film developments. With Marvel Avengers Assemble set to hit UK cinemas in April we can’t wait to see all our favourite superheroes come together on the big screen – Iron Man! Hulk! Thor! – and if you’re as excited as we are then why not throw a superhero party? You can assemble a team of your very own Avengers for the ultimate fancy dress event, helping you to cope with the long wait between now and the release date of the film. Continue reading

Become a fairytale princess the easy way

With no less than two Snow White remakes set to grace our screens over the next few months, fairytale chic is firmly back on the map. It could be the ultimate fancy dress theme and can turn you into a princess in waiting, and it couldn’t be easier to get the look. These days there’s no need for Prince Charmings, evil step-mothers or locked towers – with our fantastic selection of fancy dress costumes you’ll be able to transform yourself into a princess quicker than a fairy godmother’s swish of the wand. Continue reading