Halloween masks create an instant transformation

halloween-fancy-dress-masks-01Part of the fun of fancy dress is that a great costume can help you become someone or something else for a short time. When you don your ensemble, you suddenly assume a different character, allowing you to shed your inhibitions and trasnform into whatever devilish delight you desire.

So, when you are seeking Halloween costumes this year, why not let your inner werewolf out of its cage with an outfit that really looks the part.
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Congratulations to Lord and Lady McCartney!

sgt pepperHere’s hoping it proves to be 3rd time lucky in love for ex-Beatle McCartney, as he married American heiress Nancy Shevell yesterday at Marylebone Register Office. The setting of the wedding hopefully augurs well for the couple: Sir Paul began his famously happy marriage to his late first wife Linda with a wedding at the same registry office in 1969. Lord and Lady McCartney said their vows in front of a very select group of just 30 family and friends. Continue reading

Great Halloween costume ideas

addams familyIf you have been invited to attend a party and are required to don Halloween fancy dress for the occasion, you might be feeling a little daunted. After all, deciding what to wear is not always easy.

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The Doctor did not die! What a twisty turny Doctor Who plot..

dalekAny fellow Whovians out there amongst you or your littlies? What did you all think of Saturday’s episode ‘The Wedding of River Song.’ The last episode in the current series was certainly full of some pretty exciting plot twists – with the whole episode seemingly leading up to the Doctor’s untimely (pardon the pun!) demise. I’ll admit we may have gotten a touch concerned at points during the episode but should’ve known that the Doctor would manage to live to see another day, despite the best efforts of his enemies. Still, now the worry is over for a few months. Will you be missing your weekly visit with the Doctor? We’ll have to wait until December now for our next dose of time-travelling fun in the traditional Christmas Special. Continue reading