Saucer of milk for Ms Hathaway!

catwomanMeeeiouw, there’s a new Catwoman in town! Anne Hathaway is getting her claws out whilst filming the latest instalment of the Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises. The 28 year old Oscar-nominee has been spotted on set in LA wearing an updated version of the iconic skin-tight Catwoman catsuit. Ms Hathaway follows in the illustrious paw-prints of Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry, both of whom have played Batman’s slinky feline nemesis on the silver screen. Ms Hathaway has been quoted as admitting that she has had to adopt an extremely strict diet and exercise regime as the Catwoman outfit is so “unforgiving.” Rather you than us Anne! The film, also starring Christian Bale as the caped crusader, is due to hit cinemas in 2012. Continue reading

Fancy dress ideas for children this Halloween

mr screecherFollowing on from the last blog article about children and Halloween, today let’s take a closer look at some ideas for children’s Halloween fancy dress. Many children love to don fancy dress costumes for all sorts of occasions throughout the year (and sometimes for no apparent occasion at all – my own son once infamously insisted on wearing his fleecy snowman suit to nursery one day in July!) Continue reading

Children still love Halloween!

KidsHallWhen I was little (30 something years ago now *sigh*) my best friend and I would start planning our Halloween costumes as early as August. In those days ‘trick or treating’ was known to us kids as “guising” and generated enough excitement to very nearly rival Christmas and birthdays. We would dress up in our carefully planned costumes and call at houses around the neighbourhood to perform party pieces (usually a Halloween inspired poem or song) in return for treats. Our parents would risk serious injury carving spooky faces into turnips for our Jack-O’-Lanterns (no easy-to-carve pumpkins in those days!) and we would get soggy bobbing for apples. Continue reading

Group Fancy Dress Ideas: 5 top movie-inspired group themes

LadiesHallIf you’re planning to go out en masse this Halloween, then why not co-ordinate a fancy dress theme with your friends. It could be something as simple as getting together and deciding on an era (e.g. 60s, 80s medieval times etc) or a vocation (e.g. doctors and nurses, fire fighters, cops and robbers etc). Or what about each going for a variation on one of the classic Halloween themes, such as vampires, pirates or angels and devils? There are heaps of cool ideas out there, the world truly is your lobster. Still struggling for ideas? Here are 5 of the best movie-inspired group themes: Continue reading