Superman red pants or no red pants?

SupermanIf someone were to ask you to describe Superman’s outfit, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? The flowing red cloak? The S emblem on his chest? Or is it perhaps the iconic “red pants worn over a pair of blue tights” look? A great dilemma has reportedly struck the film makers currently charged with remodelling the Superman franchise for the new film “Man of Steel”. Should the new Superman, played by hunky British actor Henry Cavill, ditch the red pants in favour of a more updated all-in-one outfit? Photos leaked from the movie set show Cavill’s Superman trying out various versions of the costume – it appears the film makers have yet to make their final decision on Superman’s new look. Continue reading

Birds of a Feather star no longer the size of a sumo wrestler.

geishaActress Pauline Quirke is not quite the woman she used to be. In fact, she’s nearly half the woman she was only 8 months ago. Quirke, who currently stars in the popular soap Emmerdale, has lost 7st 3lbs since January following a meal-replacement diet. The 52 year old actress has admitted that the motivation for her weight-loss efforts came from a somewhat unlikely source – a documentary about sumo wrestlers! Weighing herself a few days after watching a telly programme about the infamously bulky Japanese wrestlers she was horrified to realise that she was tipping the scales at a sumo-friendly 19st 6lb. The shocking fact that she weighed the same as a heavyweight wrestler was just the kick she needed to start her weight-loss programme. Continue reading

Zombies say bye bye to Glasgow

zombieAs of midnight tonight, the streets of Glasgow city centre will once again be zombie-free as filming wraps on the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster World War Z. For the last fortnight the Scottish city has played host to the film’s star Brad Pitt along with well over 1000 cast and crew members during filming of some thrilling action scenes for the post-apocalyptic zombie movie. Continue reading