Children still love Halloween!

KidsHallWhen I was little (30 something years ago now *sigh*) my best friend and I would start planning our Halloween costumes as early as August. In those days ‘trick or treating’ was known to us kids as “guising” and generated enough excitement to very nearly rival Christmas and birthdays. We would dress up in our carefully planned costumes and call at houses around the neighbourhood to perform party pieces (usually a Halloween inspired poem or song) in return for treats. Our parents would risk serious injury carving spooky faces into turnips for our Jack-O’-Lanterns (no easy-to-carve pumpkins in those days!) and we would get soggy bobbing for apples. Continue reading

Group Fancy Dress Ideas: 5 top movie-inspired group themes

LadiesHallIf you’re planning to go out en masse this Halloween, then why not co-ordinate a fancy dress theme with your friends. It could be something as simple as getting together and deciding on an era (e.g. 60s, 80s medieval times etc) or a vocation (e.g. doctors and nurses, fire fighters, cops and robbers etc). Or what about each going for a variation on one of the classic Halloween themes, such as vampires, pirates or angels and devils? There are heaps of cool ideas out there, the world truly is your lobster. Still struggling for ideas? Here are 5 of the best movie-inspired group themes: Continue reading

Grab your ghoulish garb, dress up as a ghost this Halloween.

spiritThe go-to Halloween costume of yore has come a long way. Gone is the need to risk your Mum’s wrath by cutting 2 holes in her best bedlinen to transform yourself into a spooky spectre. These days  you can find a plethora of ghostly garments and accessories in our Halloween Fancy Dress shop. You can make it a family affair with our great choice of spooky costumes including Ghostly Ghoul or genteel Ghostly Gentleman costumes for Dad, stylish Ghostly Lady or devilish Dead Bride costumes for Mum and Cool Ghoul or creepy Spirit costumes for the kiddies. Continue reading

Vamp it up this Halloween

vampiressWith the 31st October looming fast on the horizon, here at Party Domain we are gearing up for the witching hour. Today let’s take a look at that old Halloween favourite: the Vampire. Ever since the legends of ancient folklore inspired Bram Stoker to create Count Dracula in 1897, we have been fascinated by these bloodsucking devils. These days vampires come in all shapes and sizes, from the uber-scary villains (Dracula, Nosferatu) to the tortured soul-less heart-throbs (Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Edward Cullen from Twilight) right down to the cutely endearing and even  educational (the Count from Sesame Street anyone?!). Continue reading