Anyone else watching Pan Am?

AIR STEWARDESS HATI just got round to watching the last episode in the first series of American telly show Pan Am last night. Has anyone else been watching it? It’s set in the 1960s, at the dawn of the age of commercial jet travel and follows the adventures of a group of Pan Am pilots and stewardesses.

Undoubtedly taking inspiration from the success of recent vintage era-specific dramas such as Mad Men, Pan Am is a camp, fun trip down memory lane. As well as showcasing some authentically stylish 60s fashion and make-up, the show’s story lines also take an (admittedly superficial) look at some of the big issues of the sixties era, including gender discrimination in the workplace and racial prejudice.

Apparently the future of the show is in some doubt, so it’s still not known if it’ll be returning for a subsequent season. I for one am hoping it does, as I’d like to see more of the Pan Am crew. For any other fellow Pan Am fans out there, have you seen our fabulous sixties style Pilot Fancy Dress costume and Flight Attendant fancy dress costume? A great idea if you’re looking for a television inspired fancy dress theme.

By Jennie Humes